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Top 10 Best DIY Metalworking Tools You Should Have

DIY Metalworking is all about precision and passion to bring your favorite projects to life! But, in order to achieve quality and precision on your DIY metalworking you need to have some tools that are well built to deliver optimum results! There are a lot of Metal working tools that are well suited for different purposes. For your ease of choice, we are going to talk about the top 10 best DIY metalworking tools that you should add to your workshop to make your metalworking convenient and efficient like a pro.


  • Lens Technology- ClearLight™
  • Arc Sensors- 4
  • Modes- 4
  • Shell Material- Nylon
  • Viewing field- 9inch
  • Battery life- 1500hr

Welding’s are the no.1 task in any metal DIY project but it’s also important to keep your eyes safe. That’s why you should have the Miller T94i, a high-performance Welding Helmet that improves your welding capability. Featuring ClearLight™ Lens Technology, it allows more colors of the visible light spectrum to come through the lens for natural and accurate tones to reduce eye fatigue. Thanks to its X- mode technology, this helmet electromagnetically senses the weld to eliminate sunlight interference and continuously detects the arc even if sensors are blocked. It comes in a well-balanced lightweight construction with four-point flexible headgears that provides a secure fit for ultimate comfort.

Engineered for rugged environments, its Design enhancements protect AD lenses from dust and moisture while the Aluminum heat shield reflects heat to keep the lens and the user cooler. Packed with a powerhouse battery it can run up to 1500hours non stop recharge!


  • Cutting Area- 12”X 18”
  • Bed Size- 13”X 19”
  • Maximum Material Thickness- 1” (25mm)
  • Water Source- Tap Water
  • OS Compatible- Windows & MAC

Waterjet Cutters are like dream come true for any DIY lover. Get yourself acquainted with Wazer, the first desktop Waterjet Cutter that lets you do Professional-grade manufacturing on every workshop. Wazer works by combining sand-like abrasive particles with a high-pressure water stream. The mixture exits the nozzle and cuts through the workpiece, removing material through a micro-erosion process. This water jet cutter offers a 12” by 18” cutting area for you to work freely and can cut through a maximum 25mm thick materials without breaking a sweat. The Wazer works on normal tap water and its compact size allows you to use it on any workstation and bring your project to life! Oh! their software is user friendly and compatible with windows and mac OS.


  • Shank tooling- 3/8
  • ER call- 16
  • Pre-assembled- Yes
  • OS Compatibility- Windows, MAC & Linux

CNC machines are at the heart of the manufacturing industry, now meet Honing age H312, the first desktop mill built with alloys in mind to provide accuracy, strength and repeatability to any project that provides customizable accuracy. Equipped with a custom spindle the Honing H312 comes with an ER 16 call it capable of accepting up to 3/8 shank tooling so you can take bigger cuts and finish products quicker conveniently. The Honing Age H312 comes to you ready to use with no additional hardware or assembly required. Its software is beginner friendly and is compatible with windows, MAC & Linux OS. The HONING H312 can cut anything. You’ll have no trouble cutting: hardwoods, acrylic, Delran, ABS and even stainless steels without any hiccup. Compact in size and plug and play makes the HONING H312 a great CNC mill to have on your DIY project without a doubt.


  • Cutting Depth- 3.34inch
  • Cutting Speed- 5.5feet per minute
  • Rotation- 360° in steps of 45°
  • Toolless change- Yes
  • Weight- 4lbs

Get that perfect flat cut that you always desire with TRUMPF TruTool N 200, a high-performance cutter that makes your cutouts perfect every time. Equipped with a powerful motor the N 200 can cut trapezoidal sheets up to 3.34 in. deep and offers an impressive top cutting speed of 5.5 feet per minute to get your job done faster. Its hollow round punch provides maneuverability and enables the machine to turn on the spot.The tool can also be rotated through 360° in steps of 45°, without the need for additional tools. This machine offers tool less change, so that you can change dies and punches quickly and without needing additional tools to make your work efficient.

The TruTool N 200 fits comfortably in your hand with its weight of 4 lbs. and offers an optimal grip so that you can work with ultimate comfort!


  • Motor Type- Induction
  • AMP- 4.5
  • Variable RPM- 530- 3100RPM
  • Spindle Travel- 2-3/8 inch
  • Worktable- Beveling
  • Speed Readout- Digital

Remember when power tools were actually powerful? WEN’s 10-inch swing, variable speed drill press with laser centering device, is a real powerhouse for your DIY projects. Equipped with a powerful 4.5AMP induction motor it lets you drill up to 1/2-inch hole into heavy duty cast iron with ease to make your work efficient. Mechanical variable speed allows you to target in the exact RPM (from 530 to 3100) with the simple turn of a lever while the digital LED readout displays the current speed while maximizing accuracy. The WEN 10-inch Variable Speed Drill Press is constructed with a rigid frame consisting of a cast iron head, table, and base. Its powerful induction motor features ball bearings for an extended life and smooth performance.

The worktable bevels 45° left and right for perfectly precise and consistent angles. Its Slotted table allows for mounting clamps and vises, while the X-pattern laser locks-on to your drill points saving on guesswork and sparing expensive materials.


  • Accommodates wrench sizes- 13
  • Automatically sizes- Yes
  • Standard & Metric- Yes
  • Material- steel-laminate construction
  • Finish- Black-oxide

An adjustable wrench is a great thing to have with you on any DIY project, that’s why you should have the Bionic Grip, a unique hand tool that brings together the best features of a pair of pliers and an adjustable wrench to make your work efficient. It comes with a patented bionic gripping technology distributes gripping forces over a larger work surface compared to the jaws of conventional Pliers to provide you advantage. The interlock mechanism converts torque load into an intelligent locking feature. The multi-jaw grip minimizes distortion under load and is even great for softer materials, such as plastic, copper and brass.

This tool offers No tricky knobs or adjustments and fully adjustable with a one-handed squeeze so that you can Save time with efficient ratcheting by releasing, then re-gripping the object. The bionic grip wrench incorporates universal design features with enhanced ergonomics. The soft, double-thickness, cushioned handles fit large and small hands, even with universal orientation, so our tool works in either hand in any position.


  • Notching Capacity- 3.15’’X3.15’’
  • Design- Symmetrical
  • Durability- notch up to sixteen-gauge steel
  • Foot pedal- Spring-assisted
  • non-slid rubber- Yes

Get that perfect corner notch with JET 16-Gauge Floor Standing Corner Notcher, a precision Notcher that delivers quality work you always desire. It features a symmetrical design of table and blades for both right & left-handed users. Built with a heavy-duty frame and a 3.15’’ by 3.15’’ notching capacity, the corner Notcher delivers the durability needed to notch sixteen-gauge mild steel for years in your shop. It comes with a Front cover to keep all dirt and debris away from the lifting spring. It also has a increased foot pedal to gain mechanical advantage to make your work efficient. Its Large base increases stability while notching, while its Foot pedal curved and covered with non-slid rubber which ensures it doesn’t move while working.


  • Fits – 3-spools of #12 AWG or 2-spools of #10 AWG
  • Spool Set- Detachable
  • Weight- 11.5lbs

Forget the days of tangled wires, broken wire spools, or wasted wire and get wYerBox, the gurdian of your wires which ensures smooth wire pulling for electricians everywhere. You can fit up to 3 wire spools in one go, while its intelligent wire dispensing ensures your wire never gets tangled to make your work convenient & efficient. The wire spool set is detachable, that allows you to easily fill and refill the boxes in instance and finish your work faster without any hassle. The wYerBox protects your wire spools AND ensures you get 100% of the wire EVEN FROM DAMAGED SPOOLS for proper usage and cost efficiency. Weighing only 11.5lbs empty, makes the job of every electrician easier and compact enough to be moved around the site easily.


  • Magnetic Force: 1169 lbs/532 kg
  • Full Saturation Thickness: 1/2”/12.7mm
  • Speed: 775 RPM (No Load) – 400 RPM (Load 900 W).
  • Product Weight: 24.2 lbs/11 kg.
  • Voltage: 110-120 V/50-60 Hz.
  • Smallest Pipe Diameter: 3.5”/80mm.

Get yourself introduced with Magnetic Base MagDrill Disruptor, engineered with safety as a focus, this drill will drive productivity with speed and power. It utilizes patented shallow-field magnetic technology that offers an incredibly strong grip, even on steel as thin as 1/8”. the magnetic base does not require power and will not fall off in the event of a power failure so that you can use it worry free.
The Magnets in base pivot to accommodate flat and curved surfaces without the need for special attachments, while its Partial magnetic actuation takes the weight of the tool off the operator and allows for fine control and positioning to ensure you always get your perfect cut. No disruption of magnetic grip due to unintentional power loss means huge increase in safety for operators. And also, no electricity is needed for the magnets; all the power goes to drill alone for excellent efficiency.


  • Material- Steel
  • Max clamp Load- 7,400lbs
  • Impact Wrench Compatible- Rated for 400 ft-lbs
  • Throat Depth- 3 5/8″
  • Safety and Clamp ergonomics- Yes

Stop struggling tightening clamps and make your work efficient with Dimide Clamp, a powerful clamp that ensures your DIY project always stays locked in place. It delivers over 5,000 of clamp loads effortlessly so that you can stop wasting time slowly tightening clamps. This clamp is also compatible with impact wrenches rated up to 400 ft-lbs. It comes with a copper coating, which protects the clamps screw and feet from weld spatter, so you can focus more on laying the perfect weld bead. This clamp features V-grooved Jaws to Grip pipe and other round surfaces and ensures they stay locked in place to make your work efficient. It also comes with a removable handle for a total convenient experience.

Well, that sort of sums up a well-rounded list of the best DIY metal working tools that can cover for the most essential works in a metal workshop. You know how deep precision tools go if you love doing it yourself. But, these are the ones that are most important and very useful for every metal worker, hand down.

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