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Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam: A Feature-Packed HD Recording System for Your Vehicle

A dash cam is one of the most useful accessories you can get for your car. The Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam is an excellent choice – with its 4K and 2K dual camera setup, it provides high-definition recording both inside and outside your vehicle.

In this in-depth review, we’ll explore its features, performance, and real customer experiences to help you decide if it’s the right dash cam for you.


The D4PRO dash cam has two cameras – one facing forward to record the road, and a second facing backward to record inside the cabin. This allows it to capture video from both angles.

Here is an overview of the key features and specifications:

Video ResolutionFront: 4K 2160p Rear: 2K 1440p
Camera LensesFront: 170° angle Rear: 150° angle
Night VisionWDR and HDR technology
StorageSupports up to 256GB microSD card
ConnectivityWiFi, Bluetooth, GPS
Voice Control9 voice command functions
Parking ModeTimelapse and motion detection

Next, let’s look at these features and the performance of the D4PRO in more detail.

Dual Channel Recording

Having separate forward and rear-facing cameras is useful for rideshare drivers, families, and anyone wanting coverage of both the road and the interior.

Still, the ability to alternate between forward and inward views is handy. For example, Uber drivers can rotate it to keep an eye on passengers. The rear view ensures you capture what’s happening inside the vehicle.

Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam Review

The front camera’s 270° rotation gives flexibility – you can set it to face forward to the road or rotate inwards to focus on the cabin. Since it can only face one direction at a time, you’ll need an additional rear camera for true dual-channel recording.

Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam Review

Ultra HD Video Quality

The D4PRO records video in very high resolutions – the front camera shoots crystal clear 4K 2160p video, while the rear records in 2K 1440p quality.

4K resolution has about 8 million pixels – 4 times more than 1080p HD video. This captures finer details like license plate numbers more clearly. 2K resolution is between 1080p and 4K, providing very sharp HD footage.

The high resolution helps make out small details, especially when zooming in. This can be critical if you need to show evidence like a car’s license plate, street signs, or documents.

Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam Review

Enhanced Night Vision

Low light and nighttime recording is where many cheaper dash cams struggle. But the D4PRO utilizes advanced sensors and WDR technology to deliver surprisingly good low-light footage.

WDR (wide dynamic range) and HDR (high dynamic range) help bring out details in shadows and improve videos in low light conditions. The rear camera leverages WDR to boost night vision.

It also uses a high-quality Sony Starvis sensor for the front camera. This sensor excels in low light scenarios like dash cam use at night.

As a result, the video remains clear and visible even in challenging nighttime recording situations. The footage won’t be as bright as daytime, but critical details like license plates and street signs remain identifiable.

Collision and Incident Detection

The built-in G-sensor automatically detects sudden shakes and collisions. When it senses an impact, it locks the current footage into a protected event folder so it isn’t overwritten.

This emergency video can provide vital evidence if you get into an accident. The G-sensor ensures the relevant clip is safely saved and won’t get deleted by loop recording.

Having a record of what happened before, during, and after a collision can be extremely valuable if you need to make an insurance claim. The D4PRO ensures you capture this footage.

Parking Monitor

Dash cams aren’t just useful while driving – the D4PRO’s parking monitor keeps recording even when your car is stopped and turned off. This lets you monitor your parked vehicle for break-ins, vandalism, and hit-and-runs.

It continually records snippets of video in time-lapse mode, compressing hours into just minutes of footage. This lets you quickly review what happened over long parking periods.

Of course, fully powering your dash cam requires some wiring expertise. Hardwiring your car’s electrical system allows the camera and parking mode to stay active even while parked with the engine off.

Voice Control for Hands-Free Operation

Controlling your dash cam while driving can be difficult – but the D4PRO’s voice control feature enables hands-free operation.

Through 9 different voice commands, you can start and stop recording, take snapshots, switch views, enable parking mode, and more. This allows you to keep your hands on the wheel and focus on driving.

Voice controls work very well in our testing. The cam quickly responds to commands like “Take photo“, “Turn on screen” or “Switch to rear camera“. This is a useful inclusion for safe driving.

Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam Review

Connectivity and Mobile App

The built-in WiFi allows you to connect your smartphone to the D4PRO via the Kingslim mobile app (available for iOS and Android). This gives you an easy way to view, download, and share footage right from your phone.

Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam Review

The app also enables changing settings and updating the dash cam’s firmware. Instead of fiddling with tiny buttons on the camera, you can use the app’s intuitive interface.

Built-in GPS records your driving route, location, and speed information. The app displays your journey on a map, adding another layer of data.

Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam Review

Loop Recording and SD Card

Loop recording means the video is continuously recorded in a loop – when your SD card fills up, new recordings automatically overwrite the oldest footage. This ensures you always capture the most recent events.

So you’ll need to periodically transfer important clips to your computer or phone before they get deleted. A high-capacity SD card gives you more recording time before older footage gets overwritten. Cards up to 256GB are supported.

We recommend getting the largest microSD card you can afford – at least 128GB is ideal for several hours of driving footage. A high-endurance card designed for continuous recording works best.

Design, Screen, and Mounting

The D4PRO has an understated, low-profile matte black exterior that integrates smoothly into your car’s interior. Despite the compact 3-inch display, the screen is very responsive with easy-to-navigate menus.

Included adhesive mounts provide a variety of mounting options. The windshield mount uses a suction cup – take care to mount it low behind the rearview mirror to minimize obstruction.

The rear camera is affixed with adhesive for flexible positioning. Cable clips and routing tools keep wiring neat and out of sight.

Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam Review

Our Hands-On Experience (Summary)

Based on extensive testing, we found the Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam delivers excellent video quality and features for the price. It exceeded our expectations compared to other affordable dash cams we’ve reviewed.

The standout features in our testing were the D4PRO’s crisp and detailed 4K and 2K video recording, seamless WiFi connectivity to smartphones, user-friendly touchscreen interface, and impressive night vision capabilities in low light conditions.

Footage remained clear and visible even in challenging nighttime recording scenarios. The camera effectively captured license plate numbers, street signs, and other details in the dark.

We did encounter occasional lag between the front and rear camera feeds. Also, we felt the maximum night vision distance could be improved further to capture plates at longer ranges.

However, we found the D4PRO punches above its class given its budget-friendly price tag. It delivers a full suite of advanced capabilities like parking monitoring, voice control, and collision detection that rival pricier premium options.

In summary, if HD video and effective night recording are your priorities, the Kingslim D4PRO is a fantastic value choice. It provides dual channel coverage in crisp 4K and 2K quality for comprehensive interior and exterior capture.

Just keep in mind it can only face in one direction at once. But for rideshare drivers, commuters, and anyone needing flexible high-definition recording on a budget, we highly recommend test-driving the Kingslim D4PRO Dash Cam.

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