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Top 10 Best Car Dash Cams

Dashboard cameras have grown to popularity over the past years. These cameras are designed to capture every sound and image of events taking place in the car and also on the road. Many people use these cameras for quality video and trustworthy evidence. There are a lot of dash cams on the market that offer many unique features alongside video recording to make your driving experience efficient and convenient. To help you choose the perfect dash cam for your car, we’ve made a list of the top 10 best car dash cams.

Best Car Dash Cams You Can Buy

1. 70mai A800


  • Video quality: Up to 4K Ultra HD
  • View angle: 140º wide-angle
  • Glass Lenses: 7 Layers
  • Display: 3″ IPS Screen
  • GPS module: Yes

Explore all driving possibilities and never miss a detail with the 70mai A800, a car dashcam that offers Ultra HD front cam, Full HD rear cam with enhanced Super Night Vision to assist you on the road and improve your driving experience to the next level. In order to prevent any type of frights or unexpected obstacles during your road trip, this dashcam is equipped with Dual-vision recording. With the Advanced Driving Assistant System (ADAS), it will detect your surroundings and has real-time voice alerts to warn you of safety problems.

Whether it is the Lane-departure or the Forward-collision Warning System, you will always have live support in case of distraction or human error. It’s in-app control and Footage Sharing allows you to save your memories, keep control of the recordings, share them on your social media platforms as well as with your insurance provider immediately after an incident took place. Overall, this car dash cam will indeed let you get control of the road and witness back the path you left behind.

2. BlackVue DR590X-2CH


  • Video quality: Full HD 1080p
  • View angle: 139 degrees
  • Memory capacity: microSD card up to 256GB
  • Recording Modes: 3
  • Mobile App: BlackVue App

BlackVue presents the DR590X-2CH, a Full HD quality dash cam that adapts to your driving preferences. Thanks to its outstanding Starvis Image Sensor in the front camera and the second camera, this can be installed at the back or in the interior of your vehicle. It offers three recording modes, including Normal driving mode to continuous recording, the Event Mode to detect an impact or sudden changes in speed, and the Native Parking Mode which will automatically be activated when the vehicle ignition is turned off.

Besides, you can connect the External GPS Receiver to the USB port to add both speed and location optional information about your videos. The built-in Wi-fi easily adjusts settings and allows you to transfer videos to your phone and manage them with the BlackVue App, for iOS and Android devices, and Viewer, for Windows and Mac OS. So, whether you are professional rideshare or a taxi driver, or just commute or travel with your family, this car dashcam will bring complete functionalities for all kinds of driving experiences.

3. Garmin Tandem


  • Video quality: 1440P (front); 720P (interior)
  • View angle: 180º
  • FRAME RATE: up to 30 FPS
  • Sensor: GPS, GALILEO
  • CLARITY HDR: yes (front)

Feel the complete coverage with the Garmin Tandem, a car dashcam that is well-known for its dual 180-degree lenses. This dashcam’s lenses will keep a watchful eye on your car’s front and interior whether it’s day or night, so you can focus on what matters the most and have a safe drive. Its front-facing lens can capture all relevant details in a 1440p, while its interior-facing lens can record in 720p resolution. Besides, it features the NightGlo technology that lets you have control of your vehicle’s exterior and of your passengers’ activity even in the dark.

With its Incident Detection function and GPS localization feature, you will feel protected all the time. Besides, this cam will automatically save a video whenever it detects an incident so that you can have the exact proof of when and where the events took place. Overall, this dash cam will definitely give you all-around protection of your vehicle’s exterior, interior and will make your journey safe like never before.



  • Video quality: 2K @30fps
  • View angle: 140º diagonal angle.
  • Super Night Vision: Yes
  • GPS: Yes

If you look for an award-winning dashcam, then look no more, because Thinkware introduces its Q800PRO model, which is a car dashcam that finds the perfect harmony between design and performance. Thanks to its high-quality image processor and wide 140º viewing angle lens, this camera can capture clear video in 2K QHD at 30 fps. So that you get the best coverage of the roads without losing any detail. On top of that, its Wide Dynamic Range function and Super Night Vision technology will make sure the right exposure and contrast are shown in any low light environment.

You can also monitor your vehicle’s activity remotely by using Thinkware Cloud App. It will notify you of an emergency situation, reviewing recorded videos, or locating your vehicle. Not only that, but this dash camera will also assist you in the event of impending road hazards or veering off the driving lane. For a complete and assisted driving experience, trust the Thinkware Q800PRO. You will not regret your decision.

5. Rove R2


  • Video quality: 4K, Ultra HD
  • View angle: 150º wide-angle
  • Memory capacity: up to 512 GB
  • GPS: Yes

Get another set of eyes while driving your car by using the Rove R2, a car dashcam that will protect your vehicle and have control of any element on the road. Equipped with the Sony IMX335 sensor, this camera offers a video resolution of up to 4K with a 150º wide-angle lens, which will let you see clear video footage while covering every corner of the road. Besides, with its revolutionary super night vision technology, you will get comparatively clearer footage and images in low-light conditions.

This camera has a G-sensor and offers a Parking Mode which will ensure the camera starts recording if a sudden collision or motion is detected so that you can get evidence of your accident. It offers a Rove App which you can use to manage your dashcam, download all your 4K recordings, and share them on your social media straight away. Overall, you will be delighted with this camera’s performance and it is the most advanced powerful 4K dash camera in the market right now.

6. Vantrue N2 Pro


  • Video quality: Up to 2560X1440P @30fps
  • Front facing camera angle: 170º
  • Rear facing camera angle: 140°
  • infrared LEDs: 4
  • Memory capacity: Up to 256 Gb.

Capture everything inside and out while driving with the Vantrue N2 Pro, a car dashcam that is the best driving partner for rideshare and taxi drivers. With a 170° front and 140° rear facing camera, this dashcam can capture both inside and out at the same time in full HD, making it just perfect for taxis, Uber, or rideshare. And if you don’t need the inside recordings, then you can record with the single front facing camera at 2k 30fps or FullHD at 60fps.

By utilizing Sony’s IMX323 sensor and HDR video system, this cam has 4 infrared LED lights, which can handle low light conditions and ensures flawless video footage even when the passenger cabin is dark. This camera has a microphone and speaker inside to capture your voice in high quality without any distortion. Like others, it also has G-Sensor and parking mode which automatically detect sudden shake or collision and it will start recording immediately. Overall, with this dashcam, you will Experience trustworthy interior and exterior vehicle security during rideshare or night shifts.

7. Aukey DR02 D


  • Front video quality: Full HD 1080p
  • Rear video quality: HD 720p
  • Front angle: 170º wide-angle
  • Rear angle: 152º wide-angle
  • Memory capacity: Up to 128 Gb

Meet the Aukey DR02 D, a car dash cam that has been produced to back the driver’s experience with a dual system of dash cams. Equipped with the Sony IMX307 sensors, it will supremely capture FullHD videos and highly perform also during nighttime journeys with its HDR night vision. With a frontal angle of 170 degrees and a rear wide-angle of 152 degrees, this camera will protect you and your vehicle from any unseen element or collision while expanding your sight of the surroundings.

Besides, its built-in G-sensor along with Emergency & Loop Recording automatically motion detects sudden collisions and captures unexpected driving incidents. Overall, this dash cam with a discreet design is ready to provide you with the best video performance, driving assistance and immediate protection of your vehicle.

8. Apeman C450


  • Video quality: Full HD 1080p
  • Wide Angle: 170°
  • Camera type: Front
  • Display: 3-inch screen

Record ultra-high quality and smooth driving videos and enjoy the best visual experience with the Apeman C450, a car dash camera that will not let you miss any incident. With a 170° Super Wide Angle lens, this camera can capture FullHD videos at 30 frames per second which reduces the car’s blind spots and captures more details than human eyes. On top of that, it offers a Super Night Vision feature with HDR technology to ensure you the clarity of images at night.

Its Seamless Loop Recording, built-in G-sensor and motion detection automatically records, once it detects a collision or movement and locks the video, ensuring the footage is protected from being overwritten. Overall, with this camera, you will drive without fear knowing that its high quality recording and ultra-wide viewing angle ensures your trip is under control.

9. Nexar Beam GPS


  • Video quality: Full HD 1080p
  • Internal memory: 32GB
  • Windshield mount: GPS Suction mount

Never miss any moment while driving your car. Meet the Nexar Beam, the smallest dashcam for your car that lets you record and capture important incidents that you don’t wanna miss. Featuring a high-quality image sensor, this camera has a wide 135° of viewing angle that helps you record at 1080p FullHD day or night, making this dashcam suitable for any drivers out there. The dashcam pairs to the Nexar app, where you can watch your ride videos and control the camera pretty easily. This app works in the background, so you can use other apps like navigation or google maps while keeping your eyes on the road. With its AI Detection feature, this camera automatically starts recording when you are driving. Besides, it also can sense unusual events on the road like crashes, hard brakes, and saves the clips to your smartphone as well as to your unlimited Nexar cloud account.

Whenever you are trying to find a parking space in a congested zone, Have no worry and just ask Siri so that Nexar will replay the last seconds of your latest drive, with a map directing you to your vehicle. Nexar also creates summerize insurance reports. So whenever you face any car crash, you can get the Nexar 1-Click Report which will provide you key information about the crash. Besides, you will be able to share the crash report with your insurance, law enforcement, or anyone else you choose. On top of that, It will also provide a speed report in case you receive a speeding ticket, making this dashcam a perfect tool for any driver out there. Overall, by using this dashcam, you will get evidence at your fingertips and it’s gonna get you covered while you are on your wheels.

10. Lanmodo Vast Pro


  • Video quality: Dual HD 1080p
  • Viewing distance: up to 300M
  • Rear viewing angle: 170°
  • Front viewing angle: 45°
  • Camera type: Front and rear
  • Internal memory: Support Up to 128 GB

Dusk, dark tunnels, and foggy days will no longer be an impediment to drive your car. The Landmodo Vast Pro is a car dashcam that can capture a clear image in full-color and high resolution even at night. Designed with a Sony CMOS sensor and 7-layer full glass, this dash cam can record FullHD videos while giving you a clear and crisp image even in darkness. Besides, it offers a viewing distance of up to 300Meters to provide you more reaction time so that you can avoid accidents.

Its front camera has a 45° monitoring range & a rear 170° viewing angle to record all things well so you can protect your car in real-time during parking. Its recording function goes beyond road safety. By activating its Parking Mode, both cameras will immediately start recording when its G-sensor detects a collision, protecting your vehicle days and night. So on the whole, with this dash cam, you will feel safer in your day or night driving journeys because of its real-time recording and clear image quality.

A dashcam can be extraordinarily useful as it has proven to help drivers by providing first-hand evidence in accidents, support in court cases, and insurance claims, and they also keep the roads safe from bad drivers. Our review of the top 10 best car dash cams will help you choose the perfect one for yourself.

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