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Velotric Go 1 Compact Electric Cargo e-bike Review

Velotric has recently unveiled its latest offering, the Go 1 compact electric cargo e-bike. This versatile utility bike is the perfect companion for commuting and carrying all your essentials.

This e-bike is designed to provide an efficient and convenient solution for commuting and transporting essentials. With its powerful motor, comfortable design, and ample carrying capacity, the Velotric Go 1 offers a versatile and enjoyable riding experience. Whether you’re navigating city streets or venturing off-road, this electric cargo e-bike is poised to be a reliable and eco-friendly companion for your daily journeys. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the Velotric Go 1 based on our experience.

Velotric Go 1 Electric Bike Review

As we have been using it for the past few weeks, we have come across all of its features, including its power, comfort, and carrying ability. So now, let’s share the overall details of this Go 1 cargo e-bike and let you know some true facts! 


  • Max Range: 55 Miles
  • Cargo Capacity: 120 lbs
  • Drive System: Velopower H50
  • Top Speed: 20 MPH, Class II
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Motor: 500W (Peak 900W), 65Nm
  • Pedal Assist: 5 Levels
  • Battery: 48V 14.4 Ah
  • Sensor: Speed/Cadence


Velotric Go 1 comes with a Velotric display, a LED light, a bell, and some reflectors. We have the 20 by 3 inch CST big boat tire, which should provide stability and durability. There’s a 48-volt LG battery, which is UL rated for safety and protection against lithium fires. This is the charger, it’s a 3-amp charger, so it should take around five hours to charge the battery from empty fully.

You’ll also get a robust thru-axle bolt on the box. And if you want to customize your cargo e-bike, you’ll find plenty of accessories on their website, including baskets, bags, and other cool items to make it even more functional! 

After you got all your accessories it’s time to assemble the bike. You’ll enjoy the whole assembling task because each step is so fun and easy to do! 


When we first took a look at this e-bike, we thought it looked really sharp. We liked the blue-green aqua color, which Velotric named ‘Forest’ on the bike, especially with the teal or blue accents mixed with the black handlebars, tires, and rims.

Moving on to the handlebars, they resembled BMX handlebars, sloping down and featuring a single bar across. This design not only looked great but also provided ample space for additional accessories. 

On the right-hand side, the bike is equipped with a seven-speed trigger shifter. On the left-hand side, there is a control dial, a bell, and the most desired thumb throttle for the pedal assist. One thing we must mention, is that Velotrick did an excellent job with their display screen, it is easy to read, displaying all the essential information like the battery level, pedal assist, and trip-odometer readings. The handlebars came with four-piston hydraulic disc brakes, though this feature we often find on bikes.

Safety and Control

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that Velotric thought of our riding safety and control during our rides. The Go 1 comes with a 6061 Aluminum alloy frame to ensure strength, and the lightweight construction is another thing we loved. And there’s a 60-millimeter hydraulic suspension fork, you’ll get a decent smoothness on bumpy roads! 

It also features CST puncture-resistant 20-inch front and rear wheels, which are perfect for both city and offroad! These are the rear light that you’ve seen before on unboxing, these seem to be a good aid for night rides! 

We love the nice and squishy seat, it feels soft, so we think there’ll be no comfort issues in the long run. Another awesome thing about this e-bike is that it has this double kickstand down here, so that you can prop the bike up straight the way you can load it, of course, you don’t wanna lean on your bike while loading the cargo! 

Riding Experience

After we took the e-bike for a ride, we were surprised by how well it was handled and how smooth the experience was! The thicker tires, front suspension, and comfortable seat contributed to the pleasant ride! 

The 500-watt rear hub motor of this bike is greatly combined with the five levels of pedal assist. And with the claimed 65 Newton meters of torque, we could easily reach up to 20 miles per hour speed. While you can unlock the bike’s top speed to reach more than 20, it will drain the battery faster. Personally, we preferred keeping it at 20 miles per hour to maximize the range of the e-bike. Though we didn’t ride that long, Velotric says that the bike can cover up to 55 miles of total range if you maintain the regular speed.

We also appreciate the thumb throttle, it also provides us with enough speed on flat roads, steeper slopes, and on some hill climbing too! Velotric claims that you will get up to 48 miles range using only the throttle, so if you’re on a short ride, you won’t have to waste energy on the pedal assist, the thumb is there for you! 

The Velotric Go 1 also worked with your Apple Find Me, so you could see where your bike was anywhere at any time! And if you’re seeking some accessories for the Go 1, you’ll get them on their official website! 

Size and Weight

One aspect that impressed us was the size of the e-bike. Sometimes, e-bikes with Fat Tires can feel quite big and bulky, particularly if you’re a shorter person. However, this e-bike’s smaller wheels and condensed frame made it feel more comfortable and manageable. The handlebars also seemed to be positioned at a good height, making the overall experience enjoyable! 

The compact nature of the e-bike also made it easier for us to handle, especially when navigating corners or carrying heavy loads. Unlike large and bulky e-bikes, this one felt lighter and more agile, which was particularly helpful when we had additional weight on the rear rack.

Wrapping Up

So that was our overall experience with the Velotric Go 1. To be honest, being a fat tire electric cargo bike, it exceeded our expectations as a decent carrying companion. Its powerful performance, substantial payload capacity, and customization options make it a frontrunner in the electric cargo e-bike domain. However, the bike got some minor points for improvement, but the overall experience was genuinely good.

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